What is FDIC Insurance?

If all of the recent turmoil in the banking industry with the failures of major institutions such as Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Signature Bank, and Credit Suisse has got you worried, then here is something that may put your mind at ease. Just as you’ve got insurance on your home or vehicle in case something... Continue Reading →

Why Buying a House is Now More Expensive

If you're considering moving, refinancing your mortgage, or attempting to cash in on the dramatic rise in home prices that's occurred over the past few years, then you may want to pump the breaks. Prospective home shoppers are finding that the overall cost of buying property is substantially more money than it was before the... Continue Reading →

They’re Back! How to Use a CD Ladder

With high inflation becoming stubbornly persistent, the U.S. Federal Reserve has been communicating that high-interest rates might be here to stay for longer than most financial experts previously believed. While that will have some short-term negative effects on business and the stock market, the good news is that this may be a once-in-a-decade opportunity for... Continue Reading →

How to Choose Between a Traditional vs Roth 401(k)

Does your workplace offer both traditional and Roth-style 401(k) plans? Traditional plans (i.e., money is taken out of your paycheck pre-tax) have been the industry standard for several decades now. However, Roth-style plans (i.e., money that gets saved on a post-tax basis) have become very popular given that they provide accountholders with tax-free income when... Continue Reading →

3 Ways Credit Card Interest Hurts You

Most people know that if you don’t pay off your credit cards each month you’ll be charged interest. However, for one reason or another, so many of us allow this debt to accumulate anyways. According to research by Go Banking Rates, more than half (53 percent) of Americans carry a revolving balance on their credit... Continue Reading →

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