9 Simple Ways to Spend Less Money

Do you struggle to keep your spending under control? An article from USA Today reported that the average U.S. adult spends $1,497 a month on nonessential items. That’s roughly $18,000 per year that just slips through their fingers! If this sounds familiar, then not to worry. Spending less money doesn’t necessarily mean you have to... Continue Reading →

7 Lifestyle Changes That Will Save Money

Saving money isn’t always just about restraining yourself from unnecessary purchases and shopping around for the best price. An often-underutilized approach is to focus on making changes to your lifestyle that will incrementally make steps towards financial success.  The good news is that not only will adopting these habits put more money back into your... Continue Reading →

7 Ways to Keep Yourself Out of Debt

Do you often struggle with debt or find yourself sinking deeper into it with each passing year? At least 77 percent of American households have at least some type of debt, and the average amount per adult is $58,604. Debt is something that can certainly keep you from reaching financial freedom. As long as you're... Continue Reading →

How to Invest and Avoid Taxes

Investing is without a doubt a fantastic way to grow your net worth. However, those earnings can quickly be eroded away by taxes. As with all investment income, the IRS expects to collect their fair share of what’s owed. However, with so many rules and variations in the tax code, it's possible for some investors... Continue Reading →

6 Ways to Improve Your Spending Habits

Do you sometimes feel like you’re spending too much money? According to a survey from Mint, one-third of Americans wish they had made fewer purchases than they did in the preceding month.  While you can’t avoid some expenses, you can certainly become more systematic about how you make them. Here are six helpful ways to... Continue Reading →

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