Should I Invest in Cryptocurrency?

Does all of the hype around Bitcoin get you asking yourself: Should I invest in cryptocurrency?  Cryptocurrency or “crypto” for short has been all the rage over the past decade. In fact, it’s become so popular that it’s believed nearly 50 million people will buy crypto for the first time by next year. When you... Continue Reading →

11 Ways to Stop Stressing Over Money

Do you often worry about money? If so, then you're not alone.  According to the American Psychological Association, at least 72 percent of American's report feeling stressed about their finances. This is due to a variety of factors such as mounting debt, loss of employment, not being able to make ends meet, and uncertainty about... Continue Reading →

How to Invest in Stocks – For Beginners

Are you interested in buying stocks? Owning shares of well-known, profitable companies has been one of the best-known ways to acquire wealth over the past century.  Additionally, several well-known companies like GameStop and AMC have received tons of media attention in 2021 as so-called “meme stocks”. Their rapid gains have inspired many to give stocks... Continue Reading →

How to Travel for Cheap

Traveling around the world and going on vacations is one of my favorite things to do with my family. But between the cost of the flights, lodging, and ground transportation, it can get pretty expensive quickly. One study from American Express found that the average family of four spends roughly $4,580 to go on vacation.... Continue Reading →

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