How to Invest and Avoid Taxes

Investing is without a doubt a fantastic way to grow your net worth. However, those earnings can quickly be eroded away by taxes. As with all investment income, the IRS expects to collect their fair share of what’s owed. However, with so many rules and variations in the tax code, it's possible for some investors... Continue Reading →

The 5 Best Big Data Stocks to Buy

Tech stocks may seem like one of the newest fads, which rise and fall unpredictably. Investors may feel that these companies are inextricably tied in with the trends of teenagers, government subsidies, or the price of cryptocurrencies. However, tech companies that process big data have a massive advantage and are worthy of sound investment. Data... Continue Reading →

How to Decide What to Invest In

When you have money that you want to invest, how do you know what you should do with it? There's a world of options you could choose from that includes everything from buying boring old government bonds to more exciting (but potentially dangerous) investments like meme stocks, real estate, and cryptocurrency.  The truth is that... Continue Reading →

Should I Invest in Cryptocurrency?

Does all of the hype around Bitcoin get you asking yourself: Should I invest in cryptocurrency?  Cryptocurrency or “crypto” for short has been all the rage over the past decade. In fact, it’s become so popular that it’s believed nearly 50 million people will buy crypto for the first time by next year. When you... Continue Reading →

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